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See What It Takes To Become A Soldier In Steel Battalion Heavy Armor [Video]

For nearly two years it’s been hyped as one of the premier experiences on the Kinect for core gamers and soon we’ll see if Steel Battalion Heavy Armor will deliver the goods.  Scheduled to drop exclusively on the Xbox 360 this year, Steel Battalion’s return will reach some gamers sooner as expected since it’s one of the many games that will be playable at PAX East this weekend. I’m trying my best not to go into angry kid mode since I won’t be attending PAX East to partake in some mech vs.

Namco Preps Yet Another Gundam Game

At this point it’s well documented that certain video games based on the Gundam franchise tend to be crap. Essentially, no matter who is behind it, games based on Gundam tend to be the Japanese equivalent of gamers receiving a crappy Spider-Man or Superman game. Despite all the material being there and the premise of the property almost designing itself in the gameplay department, the Gundam video game offerings have been incredibly mixed.  Thankfully we’re at the point in which that could change thanks to developer From Software.

Latest Trailer For Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Shows A Bit Of Action

Mech games are somewhat of a dying breed these days but Capcom and From Software are perhaps giving us our last hope with Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor for the Xbox 360. The Kinect centric game managed to raise some eyebrows earlier this year with a rather emotional trailer and gameplay that combines both the Kinect and a regular Xbox 360 controller.

Dark Souls, The Demon's Souls follow-up, Sounds Hardcore And Epic

I try to play as many games as I can but sometimes I just don’t have enough time to play everything. That obviously means that sometimes a few awesome games slip through my fingers, one of which was Demon’s Souls.  I’m not a huge RPG gamer but the hardcore nature of Demon’s Souls and the sheer premise of fighting monsters in classic dungeons or castles did seem really appealing to me. While I may not have time to play Demon’s Souls now, I should be able to make time for Dark Souls, the spiritual successor to Demon’s Soul.

Capcom is reviving the Steel Battalion franchise for an unlikely platform

Back in the ye olde days of the original Xbox, Capcom released a game that was an absolute dream for mech fans.  Now this wasn’t any ordinary mech game featuring anime inspired designs and fast paced combat.  Instead, Capcom gave us Steel Battalion, a game that was slow, methodical and had the biggest and most expensive controller ever released.  Featuring a controller that had two joysticks, foot pedals and about 50 different buttons, Steel Battalion was about as hardcore one could get with the m

[UPDATED] New footage of Another Century's Episode R

In case you didn’t know, what could be the best mech game ever created is coming out next month. Obviously most of our fine readers don’t have a clue what I’m talking about since I’m referring to From Software’s anime mash-up Another Century’s Episode R.  Set to release in Japan next month (sad face to the max) the game features an impressive line-up of mechs from various animes such as Gundam, Macross, Evangelion and Code Geass.

New Another Century's Episode R screens are filled with mech action

So there’s this game coming out called Another Century’s Episode: R and its complete bliss if you’re a mech fan.  Featuring mechs from Macross, Gundan, Code Geass and a bunch of other shows, Another Century’s Episode: R is basically the dream game for everyone who loves giant robots.

Get a peek at robots fighting one another in this Armored Core 5 teaser trailer

After being announced a few weeks ago developer From Software have released the first teaser trailer for Armored Core 5, the latest entry in their wildly popular quasi sim franchise. 

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