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The Old Republic

TOROcast - Episode 70/71 - I Like the Sound of That/Advanced Classes

Wow. I don't know how I missed this. I fail at life, and I whole-heartedly admit that fact now. There WAS an episode of TOROcast last week, and some how I managed to miss that little gem of information. On the plus side, it does mean that this week offers up two brand new (to you) podcasts to listen in on! 

TOROcast - Episode 69 - Jedi do it with the Lights On

TOROcast is all new this week, featuring the intrepid cast of characters we've all come to know and love! Samm and Eric are joined by Fo and B this week to help in the discussion featuring some of the TOR news that's been bumpin' around including: The Smuggler video, a Developer Blog, and Fan Friday!

TOROcast - Episode 68 - PAX Prime Round-Up

Team TOROcast returns victorious after PAX weekend 2010 this week with a brand new episode. After the boys spent the weekend in Seattle seeing the sights, and presenting TOR live at the Bioware panel, there’s plenty to talk about for sure. Catch up with Samm, Eric, and Brandon as they discuss all the goings on that happened during the PAX Prime weekend, as well as the “official” announcement of Corellia.

Per the usual, the show in their own words:

TOROcast - Episode 67 - It's Massive

Monday means podcasts, and podcasting means TOROcast! Or… perhaps TOROcast means podcasting… Either way it’s the start of a new week, and a new episode of the TOROcast podcast! This week’s show features three hosts: the intrepid co-hosts Samm Money and Eric Musco, along with a special guest, Kimiko. Without a bevy of new information, just a new comic, the crew gets together to talk about MMOs on consoles.

TOROcast - Episode 66 - Das Gamecom

Monday has rolled around once more, and that means that there are new podcasts for you to enjoy! First up the boys of TOROcast get together to discuss the news that came out of this year's Gamecom. Samm, Musco, Brandon and KPants sound off, while celebrating the birth of one of the co-hosts! 

TOROcast - Episode 65 - Say What Again

Monday returns, and not only does that mean the start of another work-week, but at least we get new podcasts! TOROcast starts the ball rolling with episode number 65 featuring news about the Jedi Knight and the Blood of the Empire comic. As per usual, the intro from the boys themselves:

[quote]This weeks episode of the TOROcast, Samm and Musco are joined by Kimiko (with her new mic) and ‘B-rad’ Brandon.  The four discuss this week’s Star Wars The Old Republic News including the Jedi Knight and the latest installment of the Blood of the Empire comic series.  

TOROcast - Episode 64 - BioWare, Don't be Racist

The boys are back in town! By which of course I mean... on the airwaves, or internet, or whatever... Look there's a new episode of the TOROcast is the point that I'm trying to make! This week's show features Samm Money, Musco, K, Brandon, and Kimi discussing topics like the update time-line, new races, and some more about the battle system in the upcoming game. Be sure to check it out, and as always... ENJOY!

TOROcast - Episode 63 - Mailbag 5

TOROcast episode 63 arrives (a day later, my bad!) and features the return of the Mailbag! Hosts Samm Money, Musco, Fo and B field questions from the fans about the upcoming Old Republic Online, along with a variety of other interesting topics. From the horse's mouth: 

TOROcast - Episode 62 - Space is Confirmed

This week, on a rather special episode of the TOROcast the intrepid clue drops a major bomb. That’s right, the guys over at TC have confirmed… SPACE! … Within the upcoming TOR game that is. Obviously this is something that has been hinted at (joked about) for some time now, but it’s finally CONFIRMED. Fans of the Star Wars franchise will finally (hopefully) get some solid space navigation/combat in their very own MMO! Along with the returning co-hosts Samm Money and Eric Musco, the show includes regular Brandon, and a special guest: Kimi!

TOROcast - Episode 61 - Beat Boxin’ Brandon

This week, on a very special episode of TOROcast: The crew rallies together to talk a bit about the sounds/music of TORO. Samm, Musco, Brandon (B), and FoDigg all represent while giving a big shout-out/thank you to all the new listeners that have been joining up. Sounds to me like if you're not listening yet, now's the time to start! Up next, the boys intro the show themselves in their own words: 

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