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The Mega Marathon

The Mega Marathon Round 2 This Weekend

This weekend Shogun Gamer will, once again, be sponsoring the Mega Marathon – A 48-hour marathon of 18 Mega Man games with all proceeds going to Child’s Play Charities. Our own Casey White, Managing Editor, will be one of the three hosts attempting the feat; along with resident Mega Man Expert Kyle Hill and local Actor/Comedian/Event host/Awesome dude Tyler James Nicol

The Mega Marathon: Year One

For those of you that didn’t happen to catch the shout-outs on Facebook and Twitter over the last week, Shogun Gamer helped to throw on a Charity Drive on behalf of Child’s Play Charity this weekend. It was called “The Mega Marathon” and featured an attempt at completing 18 Mega Man titles (spanning the entirety of the Mega Man and Mega Man X series) in the hopes of raising $10,000.00 to put towards the charity.

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